I’m continuing to work my way through my initial goals for the remainder of 2017. Two sixths represents completing the 2nd year of my law degree. I was a bit late to the uni-party, only starting the degree when I was 23 and after a year of studying engineering. ¬†At times it definitely feels like I’m adding unnecessary stress to life when I don’t actually plan on practicing as a lawyer but I’ll wait to explore that in another post.

In terms of starting the degree late, I do think that the extra ‘life experience’ etc. means that I can be more efficient with study and I definitely approach it differently (read: sensibly) than when I was straight out of high school. Having said that, completing the degree is going to take 6 years all up, so I’m committing to having no weekends/life until I’m 30 which is hard to think about at times. If you could take the maturity of being 25 and combine it with the lack of responsibility of being 19, that would be the dream uni situation!

For now I’m happy to just keep working through it. I really don’t have the time to take on more subjects without making a pretty significant sacrifice somewhere else in life and I don’t want to elevate the importance of uni above work or fitness because they’re both more important to my happiness and well being.