At the start of 2017 I decided that finishing 20 books over the course of the year would be one of my goals. It sounds easy but sadly most of my reading time is spent with such illuminating material as “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Contracts: Cases and Materials”. This meant that my 20 book goal is actually something of a challenge.

As an avid reader during my childhood, I became a bit ‘too cool’ for books during high school and have really only rediscovered the joy of a good book fairly recently. For my 20, I’m trying to mix things up between fiction and non-fiction. I very much enjoy ‘personal development’ kind of books but at the same time, they don’t have me reading into the night like a captivating novel.

At this stage, nearly half way through the year, I’m stuck on 6 books. It’s a long way off track but it will be when uni is over in September (and I am able to put down Contract Law) that I am really able to get stuck in so this particular goal is very much still in reach!



I turned 25 yesterday and I’m using the milestone as a reason to evaluate where I am currently and goal-setting for the remainder of 2017. My life in its current state is comfortable so I want to challenge myself in ways that take me outside of this zone. By listing them here, I am intending on making myself accountable to following through on them.


  • Purchase a house, or take significant steps towards this.
  • Start my own business.
  • Be more proactive and creative with my current job.


  • Run a marathon
  • 2 x bodyweight deadlift
  • Get up all weekdays @5am


  • Complete Y2 of my uni degree
  • Finish 20 books in 2017
  • Learn a specific new skill (language, coding etc.)


  • Make more time for friends and family
  • Add more value to my personal relationships