I’ve signed up to run a marathon in late October this year. It’s advertised as an ‘adventure’ marathon, and judging by the finish times last year, I’m going to be in for around 4 hours and 30 minutes of running.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how my body and mind hold up for that length of continuous exercise. Barring any crazy training runs, it will be the longest I have ever run time-wise. I’ve done a road marathon before but that only took me around 3:00 so doing half of that time on top should be pretty interesting.

I find that the knowledge that I will be pushing myself further than I have before is almost a necessity to motivate me for this kind of thing. I could have signed up for a half marathon, but the fact that I know I could finish that comfortably takes away most of the interest in doing it.



Something that I am trying to focus on is just putting 100 words out into the world each day, even if it’s not my most thoughtful work. An observation I have made from my own experience with social media is that it has caused me to think that my photos/ideas/thoughts etc. are not worthy of being shared unless they fit the carefully crafted image of my life that exists on these platforms. As a result of that ever-rising standard, eventually it gets to the point where no moment is ‘interesting’ enough and you share nothing at all. This is a place I have been in for the last 12-24 months and interestingly, I think it has probably grown from a social media issue to something that affects me in my face to face interactions with people. My perception that nothing particularly interesting happens in my life has made an introverted personality even more so.

I think that a really good takeaway from this, and something that I am hoping to achieve through regular blogging, is that sharing ideas and thoughts is good for you and is a practice that you need to maintain.


Perhaps the most readily achievable item on my list of goals is to get up at 5am every weekday. I should preface this by saying that I am very lucky to be able to do this not as a necessity for a commute to work or some other requirement but as a choice.

There is a beauty and freedom to being out in the world when everyone else is asleep. To really¬†feel¬†the water of the ocean and the sun as it rises is an experience I don’t think that I will ever tire of.

From an efficiency and improvement point of view, it also seems logical to me that actually using the 2 hours that I would otherwise sleep in between 5 and 7am gives me a real head start on the day.

My mornings through the week look like this. It’s not something that is possible/suited for everyone but I find that my mornings which start in this way put me in a really good place to face the rest of the day.

5:01am – Alarm goes off. Cue a couple of minutes of self-talk to get me out of bed.

5:04 – Drink around 500mL of water once I sit up

5:05 – 2 x L-Sits next to my bed

5:15 – Boil water and prepare my two morning teas. 1 x green tea and 1 x turmeric/ginger/cayenne pepper/lime juice.

5:25 – Go through a number of stretches/movements to wake my body up

5:35 – Drink my teas

5:45 – Go to the gym for exercise class (Monday/Friday), my own workout (Wednesday), begin my stretching/recovery session at home (Tuesday/Thursday)

7:15 – Beach swim after exercise



I turned 25 yesterday and I’m using the milestone as a reason to evaluate where I am currently and goal-setting for the remainder of 2017. My life in its current state is comfortable so I want to challenge myself in ways that take me outside of this zone. By listing them here, I am intending on making myself accountable to following through on them.


  • Purchase a house, or take significant steps towards this.
  • Start my own business.
  • Be more proactive and creative with my current job.


  • Run a marathon
  • 2 x bodyweight deadlift
  • Get up all weekdays @5am


  • Complete Y2 of my uni degree
  • Finish 20 books in 2017
  • Learn a specific new skill (language, coding etc.)


  • Make more time for friends and family
  • Add more value to my personal relationships