10 ideas every day.

I’m not a creative kind of person, not an ‘ideas’ kind of person at all really. I consider myself pretty analytical and someone who works well with systems. This seems to me to be something that is quite limiting on my ability to work effectively so is something that I’m attempting to improve on.

In one sense, my study of law helps. The law isn’t a black and white situation and the way that we are encouraged to think in the ‘grey’ areas I think is helpful for me. It’s one of the main reasons why I am actually doing the study to be honest as I don’t intend on practicing as a lawyer.

More immediately, I am trying to write down 10 ideas on a different topic every day. Practice and regularity is something that I can do so I am effectively taking my analyst approach to creating a more creative mindset. Hopefully this will help me with more original thoughts.


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