A further item on my checklist for the remainder of the year was to learn a new skill. I think that actively taking steps towards doing this is helpful. Obviously I am learning all of the time through work, reading books and listening to podcasts etc. but I think that there is a difference between this general ‘learning’ and taking a purposeful approach towards a new skill.

I had first thought that learning a new language would be a good place to start and it is definitely something that I want to do at a later date. I’m keen to implement some of the learning techniques that I have read about such as doing an 80/20 analysis to identify the words that are most necessary for basic conversation and mastering those.

I then decided that there was a different kind of language that I would like to start with, the language of computer programming. It’s something that has always gone totally over my head but I feel that a level of coding literacy is a really important skill in our increasingly digital world. I’ve decided that by the end of 2017 I want to have built a reasonably professional website using HTML and CSS coding.

My immediate steps for this are to do a lesson on Codeacademy each day. I had looked at options like Udemy and Treehouse but decided that the best place to start was with free. So far it has been really good teaching which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in putting their own website together.

This means that as well as my regular morning routine of mobility and exercise, I now have a beginning to my work day that includes posting on this site and doing a lesson on Codeacademy. I think that discipline in all of these areas will be really beneficial to my development.


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